Mango for Android
v1.6.188 (Rukia)

Thanks for downloading Mango for Android! Follow the instructions below to download the app to your device.

Download from Leetsoft

You are installing Mango v1.6.188 (Rukia) from The app is also available on the Google Play Store. Please note that the two versions of the app, though functionally identical, are not compatible with one another. Settings and Favorites do not carry over between the the Google Play version and the version. If you've previously installed Mango through the Google Play Store, it's best to just continue updating it from there.

Tap the link below from your Android-powered device to start the download!
Download Mango.apk

Installation Help

Once your device finishes the download, pull down the notification bar and tap on "Mango.apk". This will start the install process.

Important: Your device must be set to allow non-Google Play App Installations before you can install apps from outside of the Google Play Store. To do this, follow these instructions:

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and below:
Go to your device's Settings menu, select Applications, and check the "Unknown Sources" box.
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above:
Go to your phone's Settings menu, press Developer Options, and check the "Unknown Sources" box.

If your phone blocks non-Market apps, please follow these instructions to get around that!

If you need help, shoot me an email at

What's new in v1.6.188? (minor update from 1.6.187)

-Fixed: Crashes on Android 2.1
Ads were causing crashes on older versions of Android

-Fixed: Error when deleting Library folders
A NullPointerException error was appearing when attempting to delete folders

What's new in v1.6.187? (minor update from 1.6.180)

-Added: Option to disable double-tap zoom
You may now turn off double-tap zoom from the Preferences screen. Single-tapping to change a page will be faster as a result.

-Added: Optimizations to My Library
Reduced the loading time for the My Library screen by about 60-70%. Users with very large libraries should especially notice improved performance.

-Added: Optimizations to Pagereader
Reduced the delay between changing pages slightly by about 25%.

-Added: Shortcut to My Library from the Downloader
You can now jump directly from the downloader to the My Library screen.

-Added: new HTTP framework
MangoHttp, the under-the-hood system handling all of Mango's networking, has been rewritten. Stability, speed, memory usage, and error handling should be slightly improved.

-Fixed: MangaHere issues
Mango should no longer spit out a garbled error message when attempting to read from MangaHere.

-Fixed: My Library/Downloader crashes
Fixed an issue where the downloader would sometimes crash while downloading a chapterlist.

-Fixed: Jump-to-Page crashes
Fixed sparodic jump-to-page crashes on some devices.

-Fixed: Downloader dropped connection handling
When your Internet connection drops out in the middle of a download, the Downloader will now properly pause until it can reconnect.

-Changed: ad network
Added support for a few different ad networks to reduce my reliance upon a single network (who've had issues paying lately)